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Slightly taller than average, loving father of two and husband of a true geek.


Barnen såg på Barnkanalen i morse och till min glädje pratade man om upphovsskydd i ett inslag från UR som handlade om blogging och att skapa content. Våra barn växer sannerligen upp i en annorlunda värld :)


Using an iPhone for the first time ever. Only a day in and I´m already very familiar with the statement, "you need an adapter for that". Please don´t tell me I need an iPurse!


Oboy, I was watching the wrong debate.


Soooo much better than the real thing :)


Time to buy helmets for the family?!
I´m flabbergasted.


Apparently this year was the first year USA could watch the Eurovision Song Contest live.
I listened to a podcast today (Pop Culture Happy Hour) where the panel was "forced" to watch it for the first time. Their comments are hilarious. Have a listen (segment is in the second part of the episode):


I have been a father for quite some time now. Becoming a father changes you in the core. A few things, that I have known about for a long time, became once more very apparent i the last few days, when it comes to how I changed.
1. My heart is constantly bleeding, and tears are no strangers to my eyes
2. I almost always make sure that I know were the emergency exists are when we enter a new space.
3. Toilets and restroom habits are absolutely a lengthy and valid discussion topic for any setting


To all Romanians out there.
Why is it I keep getting served lukewarm drinks while in Romania? It's ok for water, but for soda and BEER?!!
After hours of hiking in the mountains, who doesn't look forward to a warm beer 😕?!


Julia entertains as always.


We just came out of a shoe store with 14 pairs of new shoes. That must be some kind of record.