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I just can't win!
This game seems rigged!


Julia eating noodles at Arlanda airport with seemingly mixed feelings


The kids woke up early and went into the other room to play and watch TV. We took the opportunity to have some "fun". After a (long enough) while Julia comes back in the room, climbs up the bed, and lies by my side with her head on my chest. A few seconds pass by and then she says, "Dad you smell, you smell like crocodile".


Nadia is standing in line to "Blå tåget" (Ghost Train) at Grönalund (Stockholm amusement park). After a few minutes watching and listening she says, "the scarriest thing with this ride is that I see people go in, but no one comes out". Shit, now even I was scared of going.


One of the coolest things ever!
Probably a good workout too.


Can´t wait to get me one of these!
Soon you might not even need your own, you just order one just like you do a Taxi.


Julias latest Google voice search ;"OK, Barbie videos, I mean, I mean, videos with mermaids".
She got Barbie Mermaid videos and seemed very satisfied


Yes, it's funny, but is it better than the original?


Connect your physical environmental map it to your needs. Interesting and cool. Needs to be made simpler to use though, at least from the looks of it.


Have a look at these (especially my Swedish friends).
It's a good example of how companies adjust to digital trends. In this case Youtube and its skip add feature.