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Slightly taller than average, loving father of two and husband of a true geek.


Have a look at these (especially my Swedish friends).
It's a good example of how companies adjust to digital trends. In this case Youtube and its skip add feature.


Is she pushing me around or is she just being cute?


Paper planes are cool again:


Julia shouts to her older sister out of the blue,
"Nadia, you fart like a police"!
Well, who am I to argue.


Goosebumps Jerry, goosebumps.


I was sitting here missing Stockholm and decided to watch this video. I never saw it before, and first it looked like a bad image was shown of my favorite town, but then it all turned funny :) Laughed out loud at one occasion when someone (was in Stefan Sundström) set a dog on fire (sounds worse than it looks).


This is super cool. In a year or two it's time to buy.