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Slightly taller than average, loving father of two and husband of a true geek.


So we have been living life as "cord cutters" the last few days.
No complaints so far, although I miss the Swedish network speed.


Robert Gustafsson är fortfarande i en klass för sig:


I think I just got a man-crush on David Beckham.


The food at the cantina makes me cry a little. Looks like I will stay hungry.




Testing MobilePub


We are in the cab heading towards the hotel at Miami Beach. Julia is super excited and shouts loudly to the driver;
"Go, go! Go super fast! Goooo bitch!."
I'm pretty sure she meant to say "beach".


@withknown can I as a freeloader enable the use of MobilePub? I would love to have an app to make pubishing easier trough my mobile device.


While putting Julia to sleep last night she whispers, "Dad, I'm cold, I'm freezing my tail off". Super cute.